Sauk Centre Historical Society & Bryant Library

Sauk Centre Historical Society (320-351-8777) & Bryant Library (320-352-3016) are housed in one of only 22 operating Carnegie Libraries on Main Street. This library is a renaissance revival style and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. The grand staircase was eliminated in 1998 to allow for handicap accessibility. The library has 3 computer stations with internet and access to nearly 1 million items from the Great River Regional Library system. Stop in to see period fashion and memorabilia from settlers who broke ground on this new territory, It also serves as a valuable resource for people who want to learn about their Genealogy.

Stockade Marker​

a boulder on the corner of 7th Street and Birch designated the place where a stockade was built to protect settles as the Sioux Indians fought a desperate struggle to retain their Minnesota lands during the Uprising of 1862.

The Palmer House Hotel, Restaurant & Pub​

is on the National Registry of Historic Places where Lewis once worked as a night clerk. See the original tin ceilings and Venetian stained glass windows. Built in 1901, it was the second building in the state of Minnesota to have electricity. Be alert for ghost encounters; it’s a paranormal experience.

Stearns County Fair​

began in 1901 and the fairgrounds are busy year-round with horse shows, auctions and community events located on12th and Ash Streets.


just east of town include early pioneers, Civil War veterans, Sinclair Lewis, Frank Eddy, the first Representative of Minnesota Congress to be born in the state and Alexander Moore, the founder of Sauk Centre.

Viking Altar Rock​

was found in 1943 and is roughly 8.2 m (27 ft) long by 5.2 m (17 ft) wide. It has four roughly triangular holes about 1 meter above the base. The rock is promoted as an attraction as part of a “Trail of the Vikings” featuring supposed evidence of Viking exploration.